Moldings and Trims

Custom Design

The Bay Areas rich history of diversity is reflected in the unique and custom designs of individual homes.  From ornate, traditional Victorians to sleek modern designs, we specialize in custom designing moldings and trims that reflect the aesthetic of the design of your home or business. Our shop is equipped for scaling up or down to build both small custom designs to large scale projects. Included in our past architectural millwork are

  • Moldings
  • Trim
  • Banisters
  • Doors


banister square.jpg

Historical Reproduction

Remodeling of classic homes comes with a unique range of design challenges, one of which is accurately matching historic designs including trims, moldings and other wood construction.  Ironically, many modern tools and methods are not capable of matching the complex historical hand done craftsmanship. We have established ourselves as one of the few shops both knowledgable and willing to reproduce the most complex and unique designs.  Building historical reproduction, either to match existing designs or for new construction is  an area we feel honored to pay homeage to the remarkable craftspeople that were integral in making the Bay Area such a renown  area for architectural design.