It was a pleasure working with Dan to design and install the walk-in closet of my dreams. He really heard my priorities and was sure to include the most important features on my list. I appreciated the options and trade offs he presented when my dreams exceeded my budget. We had a tight deadline that required flexibility and Dan wrapped it all up on time. I wouldn’t trade the quality and attention to detail that comes with a custom built in closet for an off-the-shelf solution. Thanks to Dan, I have exactly the length of poles, shelving and number of drawers needed for my clothes — where function meets beauty!
— Sporleder
We have had several opportunities to experience the work and craftsmanship of Dan Dunton. On the first occasion we asked if he could come up with a unique idea for a bathroom sink counter. From an old piece of walnut he had in his shop, he created a live edge shelf that spanned wall to wall a narrow bathroom in our home. With an eye for detail he then helped to find the perfect sink, creating just the look we imagined, a sink counter floating in air.

The next project was a remodel of our kitchen. We told him we wanted to have the cabinets have the feel of furniture. With that in mind he designed, beautiful maple cabinets and kitchen island. Once again with his creative mind, attention to detail and patience to create something that he thought we would like. He went beyond our expectations. Notice the panels where their is a continuous flow to the grain, as if it is one long board. He did the same with the rails and stiles so that everything seamlessly matched.

The most recent project is a free floating entry way cabinet. We wanted something clean, simple and elegant. Again he exceeded our expectations. He built a 3 draw unit that floats on the wall made of mahogany. Again the grain is continuous and the piece of wood he chose for the face is truly simple but spectacular.
Thank you Dan for all the hard work and love you put into your work.
— Ed and Mauri Fox
To say I’ve been pleased with Dan Dunton Woodworking would be an understatement. I cannot recommend him and his team of expert woodworkers highly enough. The level of their exceptional craftsmanship is almost impossible to find, and I would easily settle for that alone. However, in addition to absolutely loving the quality of their work, I found myself dealing with intelligent, experienced people who could foresee and fix design problems. They consistently gave me good advice on the several projects I have used them on, giving me an end result much superior to the initial concept—not only mine but that of other professionals as well. Dan Dunton is a great communicator who is creatively brilliant and has a wonderful aesthetic sensibility. I was also impressed by the personal honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity of not only Dan but everyone on his team. This company is truly exceptional. I can’t imagine using anyone else for anything they are able to do.
— Anne Duren